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GreenBay Reference Project

Kern & Sohn Reference Project 

Berchtesgadener Land / SalzburgMilch Reference Projects
Temperature-controlled high bay warehouses for dairy products

FRIPA Reference Project 
New production of high-bay warehouse incl. retrofit of existing channel warehouse

Li-Tec Reference Project 
Complex intralogistic solution for Li-Ion battery production

Zerhusen Reference Project 
3-aisle high-bay warehouse with fully flexible storage concept

Mahle Reference Project 
10-aisle high-bay warehouse for large load carriers of different sizes

Liebensteiner Reference Project 
Innovative high-bay warehouse including retrofit of existing warehouse

Weig Reference Project 
The world’s biggest fully automated high-bay warehouse for gypsum board and testliner

Prowell Reference Project 
Fully automated channel warehouse for the biggest European corrugated board plant

Fuchs Reference Project 
High-bay warehouse incl. hazardous areas (Ex-zone) for most different types of stored goods

Herma Reference Project 
Fully flexible high-bay warehouse for rolls and pallets with direct production supply

Mondi Reference Project 
Flexible production and distribution in the paper processing industry

SATA Reference Project 
Logistics centre for world market leader in paint spraying pistols

Soenen Reference Project 
6-aisle high-bay warehouse for corrugated board packaging