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February 2018: Extension of a two-aisle high-bay warehouse for Bischof + Klein in the Bavarian town of Konzell

The Bischof + Klein GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading full-range suppliers of flexible packaging and technical sheeting. The six production sites in Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland and Saudi Arabia produce high-quality flexible packaging made of plastic and plastic composites as well as technical sheeting for almost every application.

The existing high-bay warehouse, built by Hörmann Logistik, will be extended by 38 m during ongoing operations, providing an additional 1,760 storage spaces for pallets and folding boxes in various dimensions.

February 2018: AutoStore® small parts warehouse for Esders GmbH in Emsland

Since 1989, Esders GmbH in Haselünne in the Emsland has specialised in the development of measuring instruments, software and system solutions for the gas, water and wastewater sectors. The focus of the successful family business is on gas detection technology, measurement technology for indoor gas installations, pressure measurement technology, water leak detection and testing systems for gas measuring and gas warning devices. At the company headquarters in Haselünne, an AutoStore® small parts warehouse is to be built in a new warehouse in which parts for production and spare parts are to be stored. Hörmann Logistik has received the order for the realization of this automatic small parts warehouse.

For the customized design of the AutoStore® system, Hörmann Logistik carried out several system simulations with the real data from Esders as part of the planning process. Esders' customer requirements together with the simulation results led to a system configuration with approx. 3,000 bins measuring 649 mm x 449 mm x 220 mm (L x W x H) on 19 levels. 6 robots with 6 robot loading stations ensure the storage and retrieval of the articles, which serve both the two carousel picking modules on the ground floor (incoming goods and order picking), as well as a conveyor picking module for the processing of service orders, which is positioned on the mezzanine floor.

February 2018: AutoStore® small parts warehouse for Pati Versand in Herzlake

Since 2007 the company Pati-Versand has been selling professional pastry ingredients. Due to the rapidly increasing demand for high-quality food and tools for chocolate production and cake decoration, Pati- Versand is expanding at a huge rate. Today, Pati-Versand is the largest provider of cake, chocolate and baking ingredients and accessories for private customers in the German-speaking region.

This growth requires a complete restructuring of internal logistics. A central element in warehousing and order picking will be an AutoStore® system from Hörmann Logistik.

The system was individually designed for the requirements of Pati-Versand and the performance was proven by simulations resulting in a system consisting of 25.000 bins, 32 robots and 8 picking ports. The planning provides for expansion options that can be carried out later during ongoing operation.

January 2018: Bundling of all AutoStore® activities in the Competence Center AutoStore®

In order to make the rapid growth of our AutoStore® business even more effective and targeted, the Competence Center AutoStore® was founded in January 2018, where all AutoStore® activities are bundled with sales, marketing and realization.
Robert Heinz has taken over the management of the competence center. Since September 2016, he has been responsible for the AutoStore® activities at Hörmann Logistik and is thus the central contact person for our customers as well as for all project inquiries and project realization. Hörmann Logistik has been a distribution partner for AutoStore® in Germany since end of 2013 and has successfully planned and implemented numerous AutoStore® systems. The business has developed so successfully that in the meantime a specific warehouse management software HiLIS AS has been developed by Hörmann Logistik and successfully implemented in our AutoStore® systems.

January 2018: Project Management Office

Since the beginning of 2018, Hörmann Logistik has introduced a Project Management Office (PMO) as a central staff unit in the organization.

The Project Management Office is the central office at Hörmann Logistik for controlling project management and maintaining the project management system. It supports all projects and provides tools, such as project templates, standards and guidelines to all project managers.

The main tasks of the PMO are:

  • Ensure consistent PM standards and quality
  • Operational support of project leaders and project teams
  • Central coordination of all projects and resources
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Coaching and training around project management

With this new and central unit, Hörmann Logistik is also investing in the quality of project management and its employees with the aim of topping the already very high level of customer satisfaction

January 2018: AutoStore® small parts warehouse for subsidiary of Window Fashion AG in Plauen

LYSEL®, the European subsidiary of Swiss-based Window Fashion AG, offers made-to-measure sun protection solutions and manufactures ready-made window decorations. An AutoStore® small parts warehouse is to be built in an existing warehouse at the location of the German branch in Plauen for the storage and order picking of the product range for and other customers from the online trade sector. Hörmann Logistik has received the order for the realization of this automatic small parts warehouse.

In the design phase, Hörmann Logistik carried out several system simulations for the customized design of the AutoStore® system. The customer requirements of Window Fashion AG and LYSEL® together with the simulation results led to a system configuration with approx. 2,000 bins measuring 649 mm x 449 mm x 330 mm (L x W x H) on 12 levels. 2 robots with 2 robot loading stations ensure the storage and retrieval of the articles that serve the carousel port (incoming goods and order picking). An additional carousel port for later expansion to approx. 3,250 bins is already planned. Additional robots can also be implemented as required.

December 2017:, online retailer of sporting goods, has placed an order with Hörmann Logistik for an AutoStore® system for the construction of its new logistics centre in Innsbruck.

The e-commerce company Sport Okay GmbH, a specialist for alpine clothing and sports equipment, offers over 200 top brands in its online shop The possibility to view the selected articles in 3D is unique worldwide.

The customer requirements and the simulation results led to a system configuration in two construction stages: In the first construction phase, 22 robots with 26,500 bins on 16 levels and 6 workstations with swing ports will enable around 168 storage and returns processes as well as 4,000 picks per day with an average of 400 picks per hour. In the second, final expansion stage, the AutoStore® grid will be doubled in width, so that 44 robots with approximately 55,000 bins and 12 workstations with swing ports will provide around 336 storage and return jobs as well as 8,000 picks per day and a rate of 800 picks per hour.

November 2017: High-capacity AutoStore® system for the new logistical centre

Order for an AutoStore® system for the construction of a new logistics centre in southern Germany.

The system contains 45 robots and 50.000 bins for storage and order picking of small parts. In addition, the order also includes the supply and removal conveyor system as well as box erection and sealing machines. One of the special features of this system is that robots perform consignment picking at two ports. The system will go into operation at the end of 2018.

November 2017: High bay warehouse for the construction of a new corrugated board plant in England

Hörmann Logistik receives an order for a four-aisle high-bay warehouse for fully flexible storage of palletized and non-palletized goods. This high-bay warehouse system contains a tailor-made technology and a sophisticated IT system to store loading units of different sizes and with several or no sub-pallets.

Once again, Hörmann Logistik has proven its competence in corrugated board products for these very special and complex requirements.

November 2017: Special high-bay warehouse for the storage of boilers for liquids

Hörmann Logistik has seldom been deterred by special demands on the load and the geometry of a high-bay warehouse. This high-bay warehouse is used to store special 2-ton boilers with liquids. The high-bay warehouse consists of one aisle and a 30 m high lifting beam device.

October 2017: Hörmann Logistik’s communication weekend in Obereggen
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Hörmann Logistik, a communication weekend for all employees and their families took place in South Tyrol. Hikes of different degrees of difficulty and nice weather enticed us to the Lattemar crowned with a hearty meal at the sun terrace of the Mayrl Alm. On Sunday we visited Milchhof Meran to show our families the outstanding work of their husbands/fathers who had spent several weekends there during the commissioning phase.
July 2017: Kunert Wellpappe commissions Hörmann Logistik as general contractor for the delivery of a fully automatic 4-aisle high-bay warehouse
The order includes all subjects from top edge of base plate including conveyor system, storage and retrieval machines, rack steel construction, roof and wall cladding and sprinkler system. Two of four aisles serve for storage of very large packing units with more than one sub-pallet. The other two aisles are used for storage of smaller packing units with or without sub-pallets.
May 2017: Automotive supplier orders warehouse for storage of car seats in the Czech Republic

The warehouse serves as a buffer between assembly and shipping of the seats in special racks.

April 2017: Automotive supplier in Southern Germany places an order with Hörmann Logistik for a two-aisle tray warehouse
The tray warehouse serves as a buffer between injection moulding and packaging. In both zones the injection molded components are handled by robots. The extensive conveyor technology, which is also included in the scope of the order, interconnects all areas. The tray size is 1,600 x 1,000 mm.
March 2017: Commissioning of two AutoStore projects

Commissioning and acceptance of two AutoStore projects went off without a hitch. The real system confirmed the performance figures determined by the AutoStore simulator in advance. Once again AutoStore recommended itself due to a very short implementation phase and full performance and availability immediately after commissioning.

February 2017: Schumacher Packaging also commissions conveyor technology from Hörmann Logistik

After placing an order for the new high-bay warehouse at Schumacher Packaging's site in Greven, Schumacher is also awarding the connecting conveyor technology to Hörmann Logistik.

February 2017: The automatic storage system for cut-size products at Zerhusen goes into operation

Hörmann Logistik supplied an automatic warehouse for raw material at Zerhusen in Damme. The warehouse serves as a buffer between the new corrugator and the converting area. Corrugated cardboard stacks can be stored in a wide variety of sizes without any load securing devices and without sub-pallets.

The warehouse consists of two aisles, each equipped with two special storage and retrieval machines. Each S/R machine has a large number of telescopic fork arms. The number of arms to be extended depends on the size of the stacks to be moved. The commissioning of the warehouse was completed well ahead of schedule.

January 2017: Successful SOP at Milchhof Meran

Commissioning at Milchhof Meran was completed on schedule and without any problems.

The project included the complete replacement of the existing control system for the conveyors and for two curve-going storage and retrieval machines as well as the extension of the high-bay warehouse by a double-deep aisle. The warehouse serves for storage and consignment of dairy products at a constant temperature of +4°C.

Test runs during several weekends posed a particular challenge as production operations had to continue during the week without interruption.

HiLIS: The modular intralogistic software solution is now also available as an App

Offering one-stop material flow solutions for different trades Hörmann Logistik looks out on 30 years of experience in redesign and optimization of warehousing and material flow processes.

Be it most different warehouse systems, materials handling equipment and conveyors or complex material flow processes for storage and production logistics: The Hörmann intra Logistics System HiLIS manages, controls and optimizes all functions online. Flexible interfaces and sophisticated strategies guarantee highest transparency and plant availability. Individually designed visualization and control modules serve to follow, check and remediate all actions within the plant in real-time.

The new HiLIS App transmits push messages about plant failures to any mobile terminal. In addition, it visualizes important key data and allows direct access to, amongst others, statistics about goods movements, status quo of consignment jobs and stock removals as well as the availability of all plant areas. The App includes a barcode reader for visualization of pallet information and shows the image feeds from the cameras installed at the S/R-machines and other plant areas. The App is suitable for iOS and Android terminals.

30 years of Hörmann Logistik – The specialist for individual intralogistic solutions

Hörmann Logistik, the Munich-based specialist for material flow solutions, starts with a number of new projects and the HiLIS App into its anniversary year 2017.
Since 1987 Hörmann Logistik has realized more than 175 greenfield projects, be it groundbreaking high-bay warehouses for pallets, boxes or rolls, automatic warehouses for small parts or even complexly networked intralogistic systems in the environment of production and distribution.
From the initial contact through implementation concepts and realization to the point of lifetime service for finished plants: Hörmann Logistik is the competent prime contracting partner for all customers from different trades.
The HiLIS App is the latest product within Hörmann Logistik’s software portfolio: The App provides dashboard, reporting, scanning and video features including a push messaging function for mobile Android and iOS devices. Since 2014 Hörmann Logistik is also offering the groundbreaking AutoStore® warehouse. The state-of-the-art system for automatic storage and consignment of small items offers a variety of outstanding features: Maximum use of space, most powerful dynamics, highest redundancy and availability, outstanding energy efficiency, uncomplicated expandability and a direct connection of picking stations requiring the smallest possible footprint. In the last 6 months alone Hörmann Logistik acquired 4 AutoStore® projects.

December 2016: HL realizes AutoStore® in Rhineland-Palatinate

As of December 2016 Hörmann Logistik realizes an AutoStore® system with a storage capacity of 8.000 bins. 7 robots are supplying 3 carousel workstations through 7 ports.

November 2016: High-bay warehouse for Schumacher Packaging in Greven

Hörmann Logistik realizes a two-aisle rack-supported warehouse extension including replacement of the control system of the existing storage and retrieval machines at Schumacher Packaging. The enlargement of the automatic high-bay warehouse increases the capacity of the existing two-aisle warehouse by more than one hundred percent. The HiLIS warehouse management system will handle the overall system according to the HL quality standards.

November 2016: HL realizes AutoStore® for Novopress in Neuss

Novopress ordered an AutoStore® system with a capacity of 11.500 bins, 8 robots, 8 ports and 6 AP modules, thereof 2 at the intake carousel ports and 4 at the conveyor ports for consignment.

October 2016: HL realizes high-bay warehouse with ex-proof zone for FUCHS LUBRITECH in Kaiserslautern

FUCHS LUBRITECH extends its existing high-bay warehouse by another three rack-supported aisles. Due to the demand for a specific fire protection system for certain goods with different substantial characteristics Hörmann Logistik rigs one zone of the warehouse with a CO2 flooding system. This zone is monitored by a special detection system emitting warning notices whenever necessary.

HiLIS fully integrates the new warehouse area into the existing system. In conjunction with the realization of this new warehouse area Hörmann Logistik modernizes and expands the existing conveyor and consignment system as well.

August 2016: HL realizes AutoStore® in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Hörmann Logistik uses HiLIS-AS for integration of the AutoStore® system into the customer’s ERP system. Transparent dialogues stand for convenient operation of the entire system. 3 robots are supplying 2 carousel ports from an overall storage capacity of 1.980 bins.

August 2016: HL realizes AutoStore® for Sommer Cable in Straubenhardt (Baden-Württemberg/Germany)

Hörmann Logistik realizes the AutoStore® system with 3.100 bins on 13 levels for SOMMER CABLE in Straubenhardt near Pforzheim: 5 robots at 5 ports guarantee highest performance and availability for 3 combined storage/consignment stations.

SOMMER CABLE is a manufacturer and specialist for professional cable and connector technology, particularly in audio, video, studio broadcast and media technology.

April 2016: HL realizes automated warehouse for cut-to-size materials for Zerhusen Kartonagen in Damme (Lower Saxony/Germany)

Zerhusen Kartonagen orders two-aisle warehouse for storage of cut-to-size materials and virtually unsecured stacks of corrugated paper. The warehouse serves as a buffer between production and finishing of corrugated card board.

January 2016: HL extends and modernizes high-bay warehouse for Milchhof Meran (Italy)

Hörmann Logistik updates and enlarges the high-bay warehouse which went on line in 2005, including linkage to production plant and consignment zone. An up-to-date HL control system replaces the existing SPS control: HiLIS updates the overall material flow control, plant visualization and warehouse management system. Erection of an additional one-aisle high-bay warehouse for double-deep storage increases the storage capacity at once.

June 2016: AutoStore® at Theegarten in Dresden (Saxony) goes live

Go-Live of the AutoStore® small parts warehouse for Theegarten-Pactec in Dresden. Launch of the warehouse with 6 robots, 3 ports and 14.000 bins on 16 levels within only days after completion. The new AutoStore® warehouse secures supply of the assembly lines and consignment of spare parts. The system stands out for its immediate availability and highest dynamic performance.

Hörmann Logistik successfully certified to ISO 9001

Total customer orientation, ingenuity, trendsetting technology and highest quality are synonymous with Hörmann Logistik’s sustained success in the past and in the future. The recently established quality management system to describe and continuously optimize intertwined processes has been approved by TÜV Süd Management Service. For this purpose all processes along the value chain from the first customer contact to the point of after-sales-service have been put to the test. Optimization potentials have been carved out and the degree of transparency within operational sequences has been increased. Hence the ISO 9001:2015 certification is underlining Hörmann Logistik’s high quality standards including the commitment for evolving improvement of the implemented quality management system

The certificate has been handed over in July 2016.

New member of the management board

Retiring from Hörmann Logistik’s management board Lothar Krech passed on the baton to Oliver Vujcic on July 1st, 2016. Oliver, holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering, gained extensive field experience in his former leading position at Stöcklin Logistik AG, Switzerland. Together with Steffen Dieterich, Oliver Vujcic will manage the company with enthusiasm and professionalism, based on Hörmann Logistik’s understanding of reliability and customer orientation.

Successful business year 2015

A multiplicity of finalized projects in 2015 allowed Hörmann Logistik to generate record sales of more than 40 Million EUR. Special thanks go to our customers and, of course, to our own team being challenged again and again in order to bring out the best of Hörmann Logistik.

Dezember 2015: Final acceptance of high-bay warehouse at Green Bay Packaging in Wisconsin/USA

Successful final acceptance of the plant for Green Bay Packaging in Wisconsin/USA.

Hörmann Logistik realized a high-bay warehouse for storage of paper rolls and pallets with conveyor and roll handling system including automated guided vehicles.

In order to achieve maximum flexibility and velocity Hörmann Logistik designed the new automated two-aisle store as a channel warehouse for storage of 5-ton paper rolls and different pallet types for storage of finished goods. One aisle is equipped with two rail-guided storage and retrieval machines; the other aisle has only one S/R machine. Each S/R machine is equipped with two shuttles to move out individually (with smaller customer pallets) or in pairs (with system pallets for rolls). The middle rack unit can be served from both aisles to guarantee redundant supply of raw material.

At the intake paper rolls are unloaded from the truck and put onto the system pallet by means of a line portal. After passing the barcode and contour check the raw materials are forwarded to the storage aisle of the warehouse.

If the production needs raw material, it requests, via HiLIS, a group of rolls. The Hörmann intra Logistics System will now select the next suitable roll being to hand in order to avoid laborious relocation of rolls as far as possible.

After the S/R machine has retrieved the dedicated roll it will be forwarded to another portal removing it from the system pallet and putting it down on an automated guided vehicle (AGV). The AGV brings the roll directly to the production line. The rolls’ way back is the same in reversed order with the same technology.

Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply includes rack steel construction, storage and retrieval machines including shuttles, conveyor system with comprehensive measurement and control technology, shuttle carts, and different roll handling portals and, of course, the HiLIS warehouse management and control system.

November 2015: Miniload and pallet warehouse for Kern & Son in Balingen goes on line

Hörmann Logistik realized the new pallet high-bay warehouse and the automatic miniload warehouse for boxes and small load carriers including consignment zone for optimized intra-logistic processes at Kern & Sohn.

Kern & Sohn GmbH is one of Germany’s biggest suppliers of professional scales with a good international reputation unter its brand name KERN.

Hörmann Logistik signed the general contractor agreement for delivery of the automatic pallet high-bay warehouse plus automatic miniload warehouse including consignment zone as a part of the general plant extension.

This project stands out due to its groundbreaking concept for storage of most differently dimensioned boxes and small load carriers. This automatic miniload warehouse is integrated into the rack-supported construction of the high-bay warehouse for pallets and has even the same height. This untypical height for a miniload store was rendered possible by use of a customized construction for the S/R machines with only one drive moving chassis and mast cap via one rack gear. The special gripper allows storage of different boxes in a depth of up to 4. Several width classes allow for volume optimized assignment of the rack positions.

Operation of the pallet warehouse and the two-aisle miniload store in an oxygen reduced atmosphere serves for fire prevention.

At the goods intake pallets and boxes are barcode identified, checked for weight and contour and put onto the conveyor. Exact camera based contour logging groups the boxes breadthways.

Depending on box size and optimal compartment assignment HiLIS makes a decision if the box has to be rotated or not. Permanent conveyors forward the boxes to a gate leading to several sorting lines grouping boxes of equal size into pairs or quadruples for common storage reducing the number of S/R machine movements remarkably.

HiLIS gets its retrieval orders from the HOST computer. Early forwarding of retrieval orders allows combination of orders with identical box widths. Now the S/R machine can collect up to 4 boxes in the miniload store and provide them at the retrieval spur. Moreover it is also possible to sort the boxes before assignment to picking workplaces in case of sequential requirements for the relevant order. Each pick & pack position has its own box buffer for intermediate storage of several boxes to supply the operator with incoming goods any time. The worker can see the order at his terminal, consigns all requested goods and prepares the order for shipment.

The Hörmann intra Logistic System HiLIS cares for warehouse control and management and is directly linked to the HOST. All three storage and retrieval machines are equipped with the HiLIS_Eco power management system reducing their power consumption by 25%. The HiLIS plant visualization allows to track, control and, if necessary, manually intervene any plant movement.



The Hörmann Logistik scope of supplies and services includes rack steel construction, roof and wall cladding, storage and retrieval machines, conveyors with extensive measurement and control technology as well as the HiLIS warehouse management and control system.


Pallet high-bay warehouse:

one aisle

dimensions:               90,0 m x 8,6 m x 25,4 m (L x W x H)

storage positions:      3.480

double-deep storage

automatic S/R machine with telescopic fork

connection to conveyor


Miniload box warehouse:


dimensions:                90,0 m x 8,6 m x 25,4 m (L x W x H)

storage capacity:        up to 75.000 boxes and small load carriers

storage in a depth of 2 up to 4

storage of most different box sizes

two automatic storage and retrieval machines with one shaft extractor per unit extensive conveyor system

Hi LIS warehouse management and control system, plant visualization

November 2015: Miniload Warehouse for VICTOR REINZ in Neu-Ulm goes in production

Successful commissioning of the three-aisle warehouse with 4 connected picking workplaces for VICTOR REINZ in Neu-Ulm. The miniload warehouse has been attached to the existing high-bay warehouse for storage of pallets and is designed as a rack supported steel construction.

Three fully dynamic storage and retrieval machines allow for more than 240 container storage and retrieval cycles per hour. Vertical conveyors connect the warehouse to the second level.

Under the Victor Reinz® brand, Dana designs, develops and supplies a full-service range of world-renowned sealing, shielding and engine cover systems for the automotive industry and related service parts markets. The business also provides gasket materials and special seals for industrial applications as well as various key components for advanced technology fuel cells.

The warehouse has 17.000 compartments for containers with an individual dimension of 800 x 600 x 320 mm per unit available. The overall dimensions of the warehouse are approx. 66 x 10 x 19 m (L x W x H).

The scope of supplies and services contains rack steel construction, roof and wall cladding, storage and retrieval machines and conveyors including control system and plant visualization with direct connection to the customer’s SAP.

Juni 2015: The new raw material warehouse for storage of corrugated board stacks at Liebensteiner Kartonagen goes live

The new high-bay warehouse no. 4 serves for raw material storage of differently dimensioned format stacks until they are requested from the processing lines. The stacks are forwarded on conveyors and will be stored without any load-securing and even without supporting pallets.

The three-aisle high-bay warehouse is equipped with three S/R-machines, each of them equipped with 8 telescopic forks for load pick-up. The forks can move out parallel or individually, depending on the relevant load sizes. After passing the contour check on the conveyor the load units will be provided at the S/R-machine transfer point. As soon as HiLIS, the Hörmann Logistik warehouse management system, has defined the storage position, the S/R-machine will pick up the load unit and forward it to its dedicated compartment. The integrated positioning module navigates the telescopic fork with utmost precision.

Suitable profiles within the rack construction are supporting the board stacks to avoid damage. Full flexibility of the compartments allows for storage of differently dimensioned stacks.

The entire Liebensteiner warehouse technology is controlled and managed by HiLIS interfacing to the Liebensteiner HOST system. The HiLIS plant visualization and its ergonomical design supports operation and real-time monitoring of the entire system.

The high-bay warehouse in bullet points:

dimensions:approx. 98 x 27 x 13,2 (L x W x H)
number of aisles:3
S/R machines:two-mast storage and retrieval machines
load handling device:Telescopic forks with 8 forks per unit
storage method:double deep
storage/retrieval performance:79 units per hour
storage positions:

780 for big formats 2.900 x 2.500 mm (L x W)


1.560 for smaller formats 1.400 x 2.500 mm (L x W)

Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply includes rack steel construction, storage and retrieval units, control system as well as the HiLIS warehouse management and control system including interface to customer HOST and plant visualization.

Juni 2015: Warehouse extension at Liebensteiner Kartonagen in Plössberg ready right in time

In order to increase their storage capacities Liebensteiner Kartonagen enlarged its 186m warehouse to a new total length of 270 metres. All extension work has been performed during full operation and has been finalized right in time in June 2015.

In 2010 Hörmann Logistik realized the Liebensteiner high-bay warehouse no. 3, a five-aisle warehouse for storage of finished goods. This warehouse had a length of 186 meters and a height of 33 metres and has now been enlarged by another 84 metres.

The extended warehouse no. 3 is now ready to accomodate 52.000 pallets instead of 36.000. Just like before the enlarged warehouse also allows flexible storage of differently dimensioned pallets. The S/R-machines can pick up, store and retrieve three Europallets at once; bigger pallets are handled in pairs or individually.

Juni 2015: Completion of warehouse extension at Zerhusen Kartonagen in Damme

Hörmann Logistik extended the existing high-bay warehouse for storage of finished goods by another 30 metres in length during full operation.

In order to utilize the extension area in an optimal way Hörmann Logistik developed a space optimization solution for more than 5.200 additional storage positions. In order to hit this target the pallet width has been limited to 1.390 mm and the pallet height has been reduced as well.

As a result the new high-bay warehouse segment in extension to the existing warehouse provides 14 instead of 13 levels.

The enlargement building is also configured as a rack-supported construction being linked to the existing storage building. In order to interlink the enlarged warehouse speedily and without major impairment of day-to-day routines the new building has been erected behind the existing end wall. In step two the backmost field of the existing warehouse has been blocked for storage to relocate the S/R machine buffer in time. Finally the old end wall was opened up for aisle modifications and connection work. Reorganization of the central control computer required one weekend; the remaining aisles have been put into operation within a time frame of about 4 hours.

The new warehouse system in bullet points

Existing warehouse:125 m legth, 30 m width, 38 m height
Warehouse after enlargement:155 m length, 30 m width, 38 m height
S/R machines: 3 one-mast storage and retrieval machines
Storage method: three-deep pallet storage, grouped pallet transport on conveyors and S/R machines
Storage positions:previously: 15.435, new: 20.600
Max. size of load units:3.000 mm x 1.600 mm (L x W)



Juni 2015: High-bay warehouse 2 at the Volkswagen centre for original parts (Original Teile Center OTC) in Baunatal successfully commissioned and ready for production.

After successful performance and availability tests the plant went golive in June 2015.

Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supplies included storage and retrieval machines, conveyors and cranes as well as the automation and warehouse management system. Customized components like fire doors, lifting tables and lifting aids at the picking workplaces are also part of the order.

The new 9-aisle high-bay warehouse has a capacity of approx. 40.000 storage positions with a capability of 400 storage and retrieval units per hour.

Due to high performance requirements the storage and retrieval machines are equipped with two telescopic forks. Each S/R machine is equipped with a camera for visualized inspection of load handling device and storage positions. The self-learning fine positioning tool allows approaching any rack position with utmost precision. Each newly measured position will be stored in the system and utilized as a new programmed position.

Volkswagen’s high demands for energy efficiency are also consequently put into practice in the OTC: Storage and retrieval machines as well as conveyors are equipped with highly efficient energy-saving drive technology. Thanks to the HiLIS_Eco power management system and its intelligent power compensation feature all S/R machines are reducing their power consumption by 25%. In addition to the intermediate circuit technology transferring released energy from one to the other axle the system is also equipped with energy recovery units recuperating surplus power from braking or downward strokes.

An extensive conveyor system with several shuttle carts, corner turntables, turnstiles and sorting lines connects the high-bay warehouse to the eight order-picking workplaces. Due to specific requirements of the boxes on one hand and Volkswagen’s standards for low sound emission and safe transport of the steel boxes on the other hand the system is designed for use of chain conveyors only.

The HiLIS Hörmann intra Logistics System, directly communicating with the superordinate computer system, comes into operation not only for warehouse management, all picking dialogues and consignment functions but also for material flow control and SPS control within high-bay warehouse 2. Adaption to the computer systems in warehouse 1 and the existing pallet consignment zone is also part of Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply and services.

Juni 2015: Successful commissioning of the Bischof and Klein high-bay warehouse in Konzell

Implementation of the plant development plan leads to a new two-aisle high-bay warehouse at the Bischof & Klein production site in Konzell/Bavaria.

The high-bay warehouse has been erected between two existing halls. Semi-finished goods, suspended or lying foil rolls with a diameter of max. 1.060mm, are forwarded in steel racks from the extruder area via conveyor bridge to the warehouse for storage. Later on the foil rolls are retrieved for further order-related processing. Here the rolls are taken from the rack, and then the foil is printed, lined and cut. The conveyor returns empty racks back to the starting point or stores them intermediately in the high-bay warehouse.

The two-aisle high-bay warehouse is realized as a rack-supported construction with two storage and retrieval machines (RBG). Every S/R machine is equipped with double-deep telescopic forks for handling of pallets with a weight of up to 1.5 tons per unit.

Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply and services includes rack steel construction, roof and wall cladding, sprinklering system, pallet conveyor including lifting device, storage and retrieval machines, control system for S/R machines and conveyors, HiLIS warehouse management system including HOST interface and plant visualization.

The warehouse went golive according to plan in June 2015.

 Mai 2015: AutoStore® small-part warehouse for Theegarten-Pactec in Dresden

As one of the world's leading manufacturers in the packaging technology sector, Theegarten-Pactec develops high quality and intelligent packaging machines for small-sized food and non-food stuff. At its headquarter in Dresden Theegarten-Pactec realizes a highly productive small-part warehouse supplying the production line for assembly of packaging machines. For this purpose Hörmann Logistik has designed an AutoStore® solution considering the specific structural condition as well as the individual material flow requirements on site and received the order for realization.

The AutoStore® system for Theegarten includes:

-  aluminium grid system, total height 5.420 mm

-  14.000 bins stacked on 16 levels

-  6 robots

-  3 picking modules

Installation of the system is scheduled for May 2016 with an estimated golive in June 2016.

Optimized space utilization, high redundancy, energy efficiency and best possible expandability make AutoStore® stand out of the crowd.

 April 2015: Plant extension for customer in the Black Forest
Hörmann Logistik received a contract for extending a customer’s plant including enlargement of the pallet conveyor for increased throughput and connection to the new automatic small-part warehouse.
February 2015: LogiMAT 2015 10.02. – 12.02.2015 Stuttgart Exhibition Centre

Also in 2015 Hörmann Logistik will be part of Germany’s most important exhibition for intralogistic systems. Compared to 2014 our booth will be even bigger allowing us to host all our customers and suitors. We look forward to three exciting and diverting days, lots of good discussions and interesting business contacts. All our customers and prospects are cordially invited to hook up with us at booth G45 in hall 1.

Review 2014 and Forecast 2015

The year 2014 was indeed a successful year for Hörmann Logistik. We had full use of our capacities in all divisions. In addition to new projects we also finalized our big projects won in 2013. We will start into the year 2015 with many interesting inquiries and a good contract volume which can be expected to bring a considerable increase in sales. We would like to thank all our customers for their loyalty and, of course, say thanks to our team for the great performance and commitment.



Scheduled completion of S/R machines retrofit for Fuji Film Manufactoring Europe B.V. in Tilburg (The Netherlands)

Retrofit projects may hold unforeseeable surprises that cannot entirely be excluded. But even under inadequate lighting conditions Hörmann Logistik managed to realize retrofit and re-commissioning of the storage and retrieval machines in a well-planned manner and in due time.



December 2014: Installation of S/R machines at Andechser Molkerei, Bischof + Klein and Kern & Sohn

All three projects have the shared aim to winterize façades and roofs of their rack supported constructions including placement of S/R-machines in due time before finalization of the outer shell. Hörmann Logistik managed to do so at all three sites in overcoming the delays caused by unfavourable weather.

November 2014: New small-parts warehouse for REINZ Dichtungs GmbH in Neu-Ulm


The DANA Holding Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of premium solutions for the automotive industry, designs and produces joints and gaskets, screens and valve bonnet systems under the brand name VICTOR REINZ. Beyond that Dana supplies excellent service parts for the open spare part market, sealing material and special gaskets for industrial applications as well as components for fuel cells worldwide.

The company REINZ Dichtungs GmbH is a subsidiary of the Dana Holding Corporation with more than 1000 employees at the production site in Neu-Ulm.

The permanently growing demand for spare parts for the aftermarket made their existing storage and picking capacities reach their limits. Therefore the company decided to upgrade these capacities by a new automatic miniload warehouse.

REINZ Dichtungs GmbH placed an order for realization of a new three-aisle warehouse in rack supported construction, with four picking locations, to be attached to the existing pallet warehouse.

Three fully dynamic S/R machines including vertical conveyor to the second level allow for storage and retrieval of 240 storage units per hour.

The warehouse comes with a storage capacity of more than 17.000 boxes with a dimension of 800 x 600 x 320mm per unit. The overall dimension of the small-parts warehouse is approx. 66 x 10 x 19 meters (L/W/H).

Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply includes rack steel construction, roof and wall cladding, storage and retrieval machines and conveyors as well as control technology including SCADA system with direct connection to the customer’s SAP.

Project completion is scheduled for october 2015.



October 2014: Communication weekend 2014


75 participants in this year’s company outing to Wals near Salzburg in Austria. Although Wals and Bavaria did not live in peaceful coexistence in the past there was not a bit to be seen and felt about the historic conflict during this splendid weekend in October. Royal weather invited the team to crest the Kneifelspitze and relax on a sunny terrace in view of the Watzmann.



September 2014: Implementation of S/R machines at the Volkswagen warehouse “OTC1” in Baunatal


Right on schedule Hörmann Logistik implemented 9 storage and retrieval machines at Volkswagen’s warehouse for original spare parts (OTC1) in Baunatal, Northern Hessen. These highly dynamic S/R machines are suitable for picking and placing of 2 pallet cages at once, be it for single deep, double deep or mixed storage. Start of production for the overall project is scheduled for May 2015.



August 2014: Hörmann Logistik lengthens 3-aisle high-bay warehouse for Zerhusen Kartonagen

In 2010 Hörmann Logistik realized for the customer Zerhusen Kartonagen based in Damme (Lower Saxony) the existing 3-aisle high-bay warehouse for triple-deep storage of pallets with an overall storage capacity of 15.400 pallets. Depending on the size of pallets the telescopic fork of the S/R machine can pick up pallets for storage and retrieval in a threesome, in pairs or individually. The biggest load unit can be up to 3 metres in length and 1,6 metres in height.

Due to Zerhusen’s outstanding performance  the company made a couple of investments in production resulting in higher output again necessitating an increase in storage capacities.

The existing warehouse with currently 125 metres in length, 30 metres in width and 38 metres in height will be lengthened by another 33 metres. As this extension is mainly projected for storage of low-rise pallets it allows to realize 14 storage levels instead of 13 compared to the main warehouse area resulting in 5.250 additional storage positions adding up to 20.750 pallet storage positions in the automatic warehouse in total.

The installed high-power S/R machines with their current performance ratio of 100 storage and 150 retrieval cycles per hour will, in spite of longer lanes, still provide adequate performance for production discharge and dispatch supply.

Particular attention during project planning and realization has to be paid to ongoing plant operation as this should remain unaffected during the realization phase to the greatest possible extent.

Assembly start for the rack steel construction is scheduled for early March 2015, commissioning and go-live is planned for Summer 2015.

August 2014: Go-live of the new 6-aisle high-bay warehouse at Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land

In order to come up with growing production quantities at Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land the customer realized the third fully-automatic high-bay warehouse with link-up to production and existing warehouses via conveyor bridge. Hörmann Logistik successfully finalized the turn-key project for the new warehouse including rack steel construction, roof and wall cladding, storage and retrieval machines, sprinkler system, conveyor system, overhead monorail, bridge construction, fire doors, rapid action doors, winders and labelers including control and warehouse management software and plant visualization in due time and commissioned the system for production startup.

We congratulate the project team of Milchwerke and Hörmann Logistik on the successful project wishing them a lot of success with the new plant.

July 2014: Liebensteiner Kartonagen charges Hörmann Logistik with lengthening of the existing 5-aisle high-bay warehouse at the Plößberg plant (Upper Palatinate, Bavaria)

In line with the required plant expansion at the Liebensteiner headquarter it proved to be necessary to lengthen the high-bay warehouse put into operation in 2010 for storage of finished goods.

Today the high-bay warehouse with a length of 186 metres and a height of 33 metres has a storage capacity of 36.000 pallets. After lengthening by another 84 metres the warehouse will have a total length of 270 metres for accommodation of 52.000 pallets.

All together with warehouse 1 and 2 Liebensteiner Kartonagen will then have an overall storage capacity of approx. 74.000 pallets.

Similar to the existing warehouse also the extension will be realized with attention to flexible storage of pallets in different dimensions. The S/R machine can pick up Euro pallets in triples and store or retrieve them with one single fork clearance. Bigger pallets can be stored and retrieved in pairs, big pallets with dimensions of up to 2,8 x 2,2 metres will be stored and retrieved individually.

Start of erection of the rack steel construction will be in August 2014, finalization is scheduled for early 2015.

June 2014: Two-aisle high-bay warehouse for Bischof + Klein, Konzell

Bischof + Klein is one of Europe's leading full-service suppliers of flexible plastic and laminate packaging and technical films. 6 production plants in Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are producing high-quality flexible plastic and laminate packaging and technical films for almost any application.

In line with the current plant development plan Bischof + Klein is realizing a new two-aisle high-bay warehouse at the Bavarian production site in the picturesque township Konzell in the Bavarian Forest. 

Hörmann Logistik’s customized system solution for Bischof + Klein’s individual requirements convinced the customer placing an order for turn-key project realization.

Due to their need of rest periods before being finished the high-bay warehouse serves as a buffer store for the film rolls between production and processing.

The high-bay warehouse will be erected between two existing production halls. Semi-finished products, film rolls with a diameter of max. 1.060 mm, will be forwarded in steel racks  of up to 1.660 mm length, either in suspended or lying position. Coming from the extruder the rolls move via conveyor bridge to the high-bay warehouse for intermediate storage. Retrieval from the warehouse is carried out per order for further processing. At this point the rolls are removed from the racks, the film will be pressworked, laminated if necessary and cut. Empty racks will be returned to the starting point or intermediate stored in the warehouse.

The conveyor system is designed not only for transport of steel racks, but also for standard and non-standard pallet sizes packed with finished goods to be forwarded without intermediate storage in the warehouse.

The two-aisle high-bay silo warehouse will be equipped with two S/R machines with double-deep extendable telescopic forks for handling of pallets with an individual weight of up to 1.5 tons.

The high-bay warehouse in keywords

dimensions:                       ca. 81 x 15 x 18 m (L x W x H)

number of aisles:               two

S/R machines:                   aisle-bound one-mast storage and
                                           retrieval machines

load handling device:         one telescopic fork per S/R machine

storage method:                 double deep    

storage positions:               1.760


Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply and services includes rack steel construction, roof and wall cladding, rack sprinkler system, pallet conveyors with lifter device, storage and retrieval machines, S/R machine and conveyor control system, HiLIS warehouse management and control system including HOST interface and plant visualization.

Assembly start is scheduled for October 2014, commissioning and go-live is planned for April 2015.

June 2014: Assembly start of rack steel construction at Green Bay Packaging in Wisconsin USA

Finally, after a long and strong winter the building activities for the support plate of the high-bay warehouse have been finished. As a result, assembly of the rack construction started in June 2014 right on time.

June 2014: Scheduled go-live at SalzburgMilch in KKC Lamprechtshausen

SalzburgMilch awarded Hörmann Logistik in 2013 to supply S/R machines, conveyors, control and warehouse management system for the high-bay warehouse in the new cheese center of excellence in Lamprechtshausen. The plant went live in June 2014 even ahead of time.

May 2014: New two-aisle high-bay warehouse for Andechser Scheitz Dairy in Andechs (Upper Bavaria) for storage of fresh dairy products.

More than 30 years ago the Andechser Scheitz Dairy pioneered for production of organic dairy products. Milk from 630 organic farmers is the daily basis for a wide variety of dairy products for retail sale under the name ANDECHSER NATUR.

The planning office IbH Schepper has designed the concept for a new refrigerated high-bay storage house connected to production, consignment and shipment areas according to the customer’s individual requirements. Hörmann Logistik came out on top of the competitive bidding and accepted the order for turn-key realization of this sophisticated project.

The two-aisle high-bay warehouse with its comprehensive conveyor system for connection of three functional areas in the adjacent new building is the core of the new logistic concept.

One double-mast S/R-machine (RBG) per aisle is responsible for storage and retrieval of palletized goods. Due to customer’s high performance requirements the S/R-machines are each equipped with 2 telescopic forks for double-deep pallet storage.

Finished goods on pallets coming from the production area are identified via base labels and checked for contour, weight and fork clearance. After take-over the Hörmann intra Logistik System either forwards the pallets via conveyor system to the high-bay warehouse for storage or via vertical conveyor to the consignment area.

Pallet retrieval from the high-bay warehouse takes place in the second floor. Traverse cars (QVW) grab the pallets and provide them for shipment or consignment. Consignment for A-articles takes place dynamically straight from the conveyor, whereas consignment for B-/C-articles happens from floor or rack storage positions.

The pick-by-voice system for each order picker yields high productivity and minor error rates at once. Consigned pallets are put on conveyors and either intermediately stored in the warehouse or forwarded to the shipment pre-zone. In the shipment pre-zone, also located in the second floor, pallets are wrapped automatically and labelled for shipment.

Traverse cars forward the pallets to a couple of band-conveyors for tour compilation. Empty pallets are also delivered to the second floor. After fully automatic cleaning and quality check of several parameters the pallets are stacked and re-fed to the conveyor system.

For reasons of optical integration into the picturesque scenery the roof of the high-bay warehouse will be greened. Design of the new building in the creative mind of famous painter and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser pays tribute to the customer’s attractivity and authenticity.  


The Andechser Molkerei Scheitz is committed to guidelines that emphasize the importance of best possible solutions with respect to the environment and acts with ethical responsibility and a deep respect for the world and creation around in order to best serve humanity and nature. Nature-orientated and philanthropic building reflects the philosophy of ANDECHSER NATUR products also being manufactured in line with man and nature.


The high-bay warehouse in keywords

dimensions:                               ca. 81 x 15 x 18 m (L x W x H)

Internal temperature:                 +4° - +6° C

number of aisles:                       two

S/R machines:                           aisle-bound two-mast storage and
                                                   retrieval machines

load handling device:                 two telescopic forks per S/R machine,
                                                   individually driven

storage method:                         double deep    

storage/retrieval performance:   96 pallets per hour

storage positions:                       3.888


Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply and services includes rack steel construction, roof and wall cladding, pallet conveyors, storage and retrieval machines, S/R machine and conveyor control system, HiLIS warehouse management and control system including HOST interface, pick-by-voice system and plant visualization.

Assembly start is scheduled for October 2014, commissioning and go-live is planned for August 2015.

May 2014: CeMAT 2014

Hörmann Logistik showcased with the company’s biggest stand at CeMAT in Hanover. Although attendance was not as good as expected the quality of business contacts was exquisite.

May 2014: Supplementary order for automated guided vehicle system from Green Bay Packaging 

Recently Green Bay Packaging placed an order for an automatic high-bay warehouse for storage of paper rolls and palletized goods. Now Hörmann Logistik received a supplementary order for supply and integration of an automated guided vehicle system for internal roll transports.  The AGVs will connect warehouse, production and processing areas. The system concept provides for two different vehicle types: one for circumferential roll lifting  and one equipped with mandrel jig.

March 2014: Contract award for retrofit of storage and retrieval machines at Fuji film Manufacturing  Europe B.V. in Tilburg, NL 

Fujifilm awarded Hörmann Logistik a contract for retrofit of 2 S/R machines in the sheet rack warehouse for storage of light-sensitive photo paper. The special challenge of this project is the requirement to perform  all works under reduced lighting conditions (amber light). 

February 2014: Lively interest at LogiMAT 2014

We would like to thank all visitors and prospective clients at the LogiMAT 2014 in Stuttgart for remarkably more expert discussions about concrete projects compared to the last year. If the number of visitors can be interpreted as an indicator for investments in logistic projects we are looking forward to turbulent times.

February 2014: SOP at Golfkarton Soenen, Belgium 

Golfkarton Soenen’s impressive Belgian high-bay warehouse for storage of corrugated board packing with 59.000 pallet storage positions went live.

The warehouse has a length of 212 metres, a width of 71 metres and a height of 37 metres and comes with a storage and retrieval capacity of 240 / 300 pallets per hour.

Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply and services includes rack steel constructions, roof dewatering, roofing and cladding, storage and retrieval machines, sprinkler system, heating, conveyor system, platforms, monorail conveyor, dispatch zone, RFID technology and, last but not least, HiLIS, the Hörmann warehouse management and control system.

January 2014: Successful business year 2013

Year over year Hörmann Logistik is proud of sales and profit raised by a two-digit percentage. Moreover we start into the year 2014 with a strong cushion promising a high utilization of capacity.

December 2013: New high-bay warehouse 2 in the Volkswagen „Original Teile Center“ (OTC, parts depot) in Baunatal including consignment and connection to the existing plant

Even 20 years ago the Volkswagen Group allocated, while designing the “Original Teile Center”, an empty lot for a second automatic high-bay warehouse. Now, in 2014, this empty lot will be covered with the second warehouse to make the market’s grade.

The „RSE Fabrik-/Logistik-Planungsgesellschaft mbH“ has prepared and tendered a concept  fully complying with Volkswagen’s individual requirements.

Hörmann Logistik stood up to the competition and received the order for delivery of S/R machines, conveyor system, consignment stations, cranes, automation and the warehouse management system. Special components like fire doors, lifter tables and lifting supports at the consignment stations also form part of the scope of supplies.

The new 9-aisle high-bay warehouse has a capacity of approx. 40.000 storage positions with a system performance of 400 storage and retrieval movements per hour.

Due to very high performance demands all S/R machines (RGB) are equipped with two telescopic forks. 6 out of 9 machines are prepared for double deep storage and retrieval of pallet cages. Each S/R machine is equipped with a camera for visualization of load handling devices and storage compartments. Self-learning, camera based rack fine positioning allows for compartment approach with utmost precision. Each newly measured position is stored in the system serving as a new programmed position.

Volkswagen’s high standards for energy efficiency standards are also hard and fast for the OTC. Storage and retrieval machines as well as conveyor systems are bound to be equipped with highly efficient energy-saving drive technology. Therefore all S/R machines work with the HiLIS_Eco power management system reducing their power consumption with intelligent energy compensation by up to 25%. Beside the intermediate circuit utilizing released energy from one axle straight for the other one the system also comes with energy recovery units feeding excess energy from braking or lowering straight into the grid.

A comprehensive conveyor system with several distribution vehicles, corner transfer units, turrets and sorting lines connects the high-bay warehouse to eight consignment stations. Volkswagen’s demands for lowest noise levels and safe transportation in combination with the special characteristics of the pallet cages gave rise to a chain conveyor solution.

Warehouse management, all consignment dialogues and consignment features, material flow control and SPS control at the new high-bay warehouse 2 are realized with the “HiLIS” Hörmann intra Logistics System directly communicating with the super-ordinated computer systems. Adaption to the existing computer systems in warehouse 1 and in the existing pallet consignment area are also part of Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply.

Assembly start was in May 2014. Integration of S/R machines is scheduled for September 2014 with an estimated SOP of the overall plant in May 2015.

November 2013: New high-bay pallet warehouse and automatic small-parts warehouse for boards and small load carriers including consignment at Kern & Sohn

Kern & Sohn, one of the biggest German players on the market for professional scales is also a well-known supplier on the international market. Their scope of products includes the entire range of weighing, mainly industrial scales, lab scales, medical scales as well as check weights.

In order to secure further corporate growth and to optimize material flow processes, the company “PROTEMA Unternehmensberatung” designed a new overall concept for logistics and assembly including erection of a new production and logistic building.

Hörmann Logistik has been awarded the contract for realization of the automatic pallet warehouse as well as the automatic small-parts warehouse including consignment stations. Their groundbreaking automatic small-parts warehouse concept for storage of up to 75.000 boards and small load carriers in different sizes has been the determining factor for Hörmann Logistik. This automatic small parts warehouse is integrated into the 25 metres tall silo structured pallet warehouse and will be even realized in the same height. Realization of this untypical height necessitated a special S/R machine construction with only one pinion traction drive moving chassis and mast head. Customized gripper technology allows to store different boards in a depth of up to 4. Several widths allow for volume optimized occupancy of the rack compartments.

Depending on board size and ideal compartment rates HiLIS decides if the boards have to be rotated horizontally on their way to the small-parts warehouse or not. Continuous conveyors forward the boards to several sorting belts compiling boards of same size in pairs or foursomes for combined storage as quad transportation will reduce the number of S/R machine runs remarkably.

HiLIS receives its retrieval orders from the host computer. Early forwarding of retrieval orders allows to combine jobs of the same width for collection of up to 4 boards in the small parts warehouse and provision at the retrieval branch. Another alternative is sorting of boards before delivery to the consignment pick & pack stations if there are any sequential requirements for the corresponding order. Every pick & pack station has its own board buffer for intermediate storage of a couple of boards to guarantee continuous replenishment. The pick & pack terminal indicates orders for consignment and preparation for shipment.

The Hörmann intra Logistics System HiLIS is responsible for warehouse management and control and communicates directly with the HOST. All three storage and retrieval machines are equipped with the HiLIS Eco_power management system reducing their power consumption with intelligent energy compensation by up to 25 %. The HiLIS plant visualization allows real-time monitoring and control of all plant actions allowing for manual intervention, if necessary.

Both the one-aisle pallet warehouse and the two-aisle board warehouse (small parts warehouse) are operated with an oxygen poor atmosphere for preventive fire protection.

Construction of the new logistic plant is about to be started in July 2014 with a production startup envisaged for March 2015.

November 2013: Retrofit of the Rowenta automatic high-bay warehouse finished

Since 7 decades Rowenta, member of the international SEB group, is producing electric irons. Their three-aisle automatic high-bay pallet warehouse at the plant in Erbach/Hesse is suitable for storage of semi-finished and finished goods. Hörmann Logistik modernized the 22 years old high-bay warehouse including upstream conveyor system extensively including replacement of warehouse management computer, control/drive systems and most of the sensors. Intensive preparatory work and project design reduced the overall standstill time of the plant to an absolute minimum hence continuing production and dispatch through all the time.

September 2013: Scheduled commissioning of the high-bay warehouse for Kohrener Landmolkerei in Penig/Saxony

The pallet high-bay warehouse for the new Kohrener Landmolkerei, inaugurated with a ceremonial act in the presence of local politicians and community leaders in September 2013, has been commissioned right on time.

Finished goods coming from the production area are stored on pallets in the one-aisle high-bay warehouse. The storage and retrieval machine is equipped with a battery driven channel vehicle storing pallets in a depth of up to 8. The warehouse is designed for cool storage at an ambient temperature of approx. +4°C.

The connected conveyor system retrieves finished goods from the warehouse and forwards them to the dispatch area.

September 2013: Green Bay Packaging, Wisconsin (USA) orders high-bay warehouse for paper roll and pallet storage from Hörmann Logistik 

Green Bay Packaging selected Hörmann Logistik as the general contractor for design and implementation of the high-bay warehouse including conveying and handling system.

To achieve maximum flexibility and speed, Hörmann Logistik designed a new two-aisle rack-supported warehouse for storage of 5-ton loads in various pallet configurations. One warehouse aisle is served with two storage and retrieval (S/R) machines on a single rail, while the other aisle is serviced by a single S/R machine. Each S/R machine is equipped with two independently moving shuttle cars which can be driven out individually (for small customer pallets) or in pairs (for roll pallets). The mid rack unit can be served from both aisles to guarantee redundant supply of raw materials.

At stock receipt paper rolls are unloaded from the trucks and positioned on system pallets. After barcode scanning and contour control the raw material is forwarded to the warehouse storage aisle.

When being in need of raw material the production forwards its request to HiLIS. The system will choose  a group of rolls being accessible at minimum time thus avoiding, compared to other channel warehouse systems, time-consuming relocation jobs.

After retrieval of the predefined roll, it will be forwarded to another gateway removing  it from the system pallet to transfer it to an automated guided vehicle (AGV) for delivery to the appropriate production line. The return path of material rolls to the warehouse is in reversed order, using the same conveyor equipment.

Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply includes steel rack construction, storage and retrieval machines with shuttle cars, conveyors with measuring and monitoring systems, roll handling units and the HiLIS warehouse management and control system.

Start of construction for the Green Bay high-bay warehouse will be in April 2014 with a scheduled startup in 2015. 

Hörmann Logistik signs with AutoStore

AutoStore, designed by the Norwegian company Hatteland, is a groundbreaking automatic warehouse system for storage in plastic bins.

Compared to other storage systems for small parts AutoStore stands out with its space-saving warehousing method customized for any spatial arrangement, straightforward scalability, excellent dynamism and power efficiency.

Hörmann Logistik offers AutoStore systems be it a singular solution or integrated into an overall logistic concept. We realize your individual system made to measure. Follow this link to the AutoStore FilmMore information.

We would be pleased to receive your inquiry.

July 2013: Installation of S/R machines at the Kohrener Land Molkerei

After successful finalization of rack steel construction and conveyors the S/R machine with battery-driven channel vehible is now ready for integration.

July 2013: Hörmann Logistik debuts at the Munich B2B Corporate Challenge

At temperatures of more than 30°C 13 employees from Hörmann Logistik tackled the 6,5 km mileage across the Olympic terrain. There is, of course, some room for logistic improvement for all runners to pass the starting line at the same time. Congratulations to all our runners, they all succeeded to cross the finishing line safe and sound.

July 2013: Contract award from SalzburgMilch GmbH

The SalzburgMilch company placed an order for delivery of a warehouse including S/R machines, conveyor system, control and LVS for the new cheese competence center in Lamprechtshausen.

June 2013: S/R machine installation at Soenen Golfkarton in Belgium

Installation of 6 two-mast storage and retrieval machines at the Soenen plant started according to plan. Each machine is equipped with two telescopic forks for grabbing of pallet pairs and storage in a depth of up to 4.

April 2013: Christmas party in April

A large-scale project bound to be finalized in January precluded Hörmann Logistik’s annual Christmas party in December. Therefore the management decided to catch up on this incentive with a Christmas-Easter-crossover party in a cosy palmette at the Karlsfelder See in April.

April 2013: Start of installation at Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land Molkerei
After a long project interruption due to the long and very cold winter Hörmann Logistik started postponed assembly of the rack steel construction for the six-aisle warehouse in Piding in February.
February 2013: Assembly start at Soenen Golfkarton in Belgium
More than 59.000 pallet compartments line up for assembly. Beside the complex steel construction Hörmann Logistik also supplies all subsections for the warehouse including conveyor system, RFID system, structural fire protection and the like.
January 2013: Rehau GmbH Feuchtwangen

Start of operation as scheduled allowed implementation of the fully dynamic and complex plant for automatic chaining of different plant areas in due time. The scope of supply and services for the prime contractor Hörmann included a widely branched monorail conveyor, a couple of workstations, the overall IT and control system as well as a twelve-aisle high-bay warehouse.

Januar 2013: Rekordauftragseingang in 2012

Der mit Abstand höchste Auftragseingang in der Geschichte der Hörmann Logistik konnte im Jahr 2012 generiert werden. Große GU-Projekte im In- und Ausland konnten in uns vertrauten und in neuen Branchen gewonnen werden.

September 2012: New high-bay warehouse with terminal for Kohrener Landmolkerei in Penig (Saxony)

The newly founded Kohrener Landmolkerei and the regional agriculturists from Borna/Geithain aim for a common target: Independence from the big processing industry, regional networking, own processing and marketing of dairy products from the regional farmers. The dairy’s construction in the outskirts of Penig is currently in progress and planned to go on line by end of 2013.

Hörmann Logistik, Munich, received the order for turnkey realization of the automatic channel warehouse including rack steel constructions, sprinkler system, storage and receival machines with battery-operated channel vehicle, conveyor system and the sophisticated “HiLIS Hörmann intra Logistics System HiLIS” for control and warehouse management.

The dairy convenience products leaving the production will be stored in the one-aisle high-bay warehouse according to their temperature requirements, be it in the uncooled or in the refrigerated area.

The high-bay warehouse allows for channel storage of more than 2.600 pallets in a depth of up to 8. The shipping terminal allows preparation and assignment of up to 3 consignments in parallel. The tours are visualized on large-screen displays indicating order and shipment gate numbers.

August 2012: New 6-aisle high-bay warehouse with link-up to production, picking and shipment at Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land

The Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land Chiemgau eG is wholly owned by 1.800 regional organic and mountain farmers. Day and night 320 employees are creating dairy products from the fresh milk delivered by the cooperative dairy farmers. High product quality of dairy and fresh service as well as a consequent philosophy of origin allow for an average annual turnover of 189 Mill Euro generated not only by traditional food trade and wholefood shops but not least by hotel and hospitality, too. In order to cope with permanently growing production quantities Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land realizes now the third fully automatic high-bay warehouse with direct connection to the production and to the other two warehouses. Hörmann Logistik is pleased to be awarded for realization of the new warehouse including rack steel constructions, roof and wall sheeting, S/R-machines, sprinkler system, conveyor system, fire doors, high-speed doors, coilers and labellers including visualized control and warehouse management.

The new 6-aisle high-bay warehouse is subdivided in two temperature zones (4°C und 15°C). The new picking and shipment area is also directly connected to the new warehouse. The production puts the goods on Euro pallets reading in their bar bodes. The pallet conveyor forwards the goods to the monorail conveyor being upgraded at some critical points of the existing plant and fully new installed at the new warehouse. Adjacent to the new warehouse Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land realizes a new functional building connecting four levels with vertical conveyors and overhead monorail conveyros. The new highbay warehouse is equipped with 6 highly dynamic storage and retrieval machines for storage of dairy products in the relevant temperature zones. The S/R-machines feature the HiLIS_Eco-power management system with intelligent energy balancing reducing the power consumption by at least 25%.

The required retrieval performance of 250 pallets per hour is a particular challenge of this project necessitating intelligent control mechanisms having proved their effectiveness in material flow simulations. The monorail overhead conveyor retrieves goods from all warehouse areas and makes them available at the shipping lanes in the required sequence.

Milchwerke Berchtesgadener Land commenced construction of the new warehouse in July 2012 with commissioning of the new high-bay warehouse being scheduled for end of 2013.

July 2012: Hörmann Logistik’s biggest corrugated board project: High-bay warehouse with 59.000 pallet storage positions

Soenen Golfkarton NV is an ultra-modern family business producing, on two lines, corrugated board and customized cardboard packaging within one factory. With some 25 processing machines Soenen offers a wide variety of boxes for high-quality print with up to 7 colours. Until today the Soenen plant in Hooglede (Belgium) worked with a manual block warehouse for storage of finished goods. As steady growth required re-engineering of the storage strategy Hörmann Logistik was invited to work out a detailed logistic concept. Their fully flexible and high-performing approach, based on manifold references in the corrugated board business, convinced the customer: Soenen awarded Hörmann Logistik with the realization of the turnkey project.

The main parameter for the new fully-automatic high-bay warehouse is highest flexbility for storage of a wide variety of different pallet sizes and pallet types. For optimal configuration of the individual logistic components Hörmann made use of the typical cardboard characteristics: high volume and low weight keeping in mind sufficient capacity for further growth considering the high-bay warehouse not to be expandable in future due to its limited footprint. All these details led to a high-bay warehouse with impressive dimensions of 212 x 71 x 37 metres (L*W*H) with a storage capacity of 59.000 pallets allowing for a storage and retrieval performance of 240 / 300 pallets per hour.

The new 9-aisle high-bay warehouse stores corrugated board formats, finished board boxes and empty pallets with different formats from 1.200 x 800 mm up to 1.800 x 2.350 mm (L*W) and heights of up to 2.200mm.

The warehouse is linked up to the production via 2 conveyor lines centering, contour checking and identifying the pallets via RFID tags. While identified big pallets are passing the sorting area immediately smaller formats will be paired to increase the storage and retrieval performance by almost 100%. The sorted pallets will now be conveyed to an overhead monorail forwarding them to one of 6 stockyards at the high-bay warehouse. Each hanger can lift up to two pallets in parallel. Each aisle is equippped with a fully dynamic S/R-machine with telescopic fork delivering the pallets precisely to their position as predefined by HiLIS Keeping in mind cost optimization all 6 S/R-machines are equipped with the HiLIS_Eco power management system with intelligent energy balancing saving up to 25% of energy consumption.

For consignment HiLIS retrieves the pallets, also pairwise, and forwards them over conveyor lines and overhead monorail to eight truck loading zones. Each loading zone has four conveyor lines to achieve fastest possible output.

All pallet identification and monitoring steps within the logistic process are realized with RFID technology. After automatic RFID labelling the empty pallets come to the production area where HiLIS is combining them with their associated production orders. RFID monitoring is continued until the goods are leaving the warehouse: Each truck door is equipped with a RFID gate recording all loaded pallets and goods to avoid handling failures.

Hörmann’s scope of suppy includes rack steel constructions, roof dewatering, roof and wall cladding, storage and retrieval machines, sprinkler system, heating, conveyors, platforms, overhead monorail, shipment zone, RFID system and, last but not least, the HiLIS warehouse management and control system.

Laying of the cornerstone is scheduled for autumn 2012, commissioning is planned for November 2013.

May 2012: New 5-aisle high-bay warehouse for mattresses

F.a.n. Frankenstolz Schlafkomfort H. Neumeyer GmbH & Co. KG, a well-known manufacturer of home textiles based in Mainaschaff, invests in a new high-bay warehouse for sorting and shipment preparation of mattresses at the Oschatz plant. The turnkey project order for realization of the new plant was awarded to Hörmann Logistik, Munich and includes rack steel constructions, roof and wall sheeting, electrical ground conveyors including S/R-machines and control system featuring the Hörmann HiLIS software modules for warehouse management and control.

The 5-aisle high-bay warehouse allows storage of differently sized mattresses from the neighbouring production and auxiliary equipment. The Hörmann Logistik cantilever warehouse and conveyor solution provides for tablar-free handling of mattresses and standard slatted frames. To achieve an increased throughput of 5.000 additional mattresses per day the conveyor system matches small-format mattresses for order-related transportation and storage. Commissioning of the new warehouse is scheduled for April 2013.

March 2012: Outstanding feedback at LogiMAT 2012 in Stuttgart

For the seventh time in a row Hörmann Logistik showed its flag at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart. The abundantly clear increase of prospective customers underlines the macroeconomic upward trend. The LogiMAT fair again proved to be the perfect platform for the presentation of our scope of performance.

January 2012: 25 Years Hörmann Logistik - Groundbreaking solutions paired with customized services

The vision became the formula for success: Turnkey solutions for intralogistic systems. Since its hour of birth in 1987 Hörmann Logistik, a subsidiary of the Hörmann Group, realized more than 150 major projects from automatic small-part stores via sophisticated high-bay warehouses up to complex networked intralogistic systems for production and distribution of different trades. The initial philosophy “one face to the customer from the first contact to the lifelong after-sales service” is and will be the cornerstone of our corporate policy. More than 60 employees care for customized concepts, tailored technology, reliable project management and consistent further in-house development of the groundbreaking warehouse and control system HiLIS.

Increasing specialization, not necessarily restricted to the industrial nation Germany, quickens the challenge of modern material flow solutions. Just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply processes necessitate tight meshing of storage, production, assembly and distribution. To guarantee highest productivity and economic efficiency Hörmann Logistik takes overall responsibility for the realization of new plants or hot plug-in modernization of existing plants.

December 2011: Preliminary Acceptance for the Continental high-bay warehouse in Timisoara (Romania)

Just before Christmas Hörmann Logistik successfully completed SOP pre-acceptance for the one-aisle automatic high-bay warehouse at Continental plant in Timisoara (Romania).

The high-bay warehouse serves as an intermediate store for raw and compound materials for the local tyre production.

November 2011: HASCO Hasenclever awards contract for high-bay warehouse to Hörmann Logistik

Within its 85-year history the HASCO Hasenclever GmbH und Co.KG developed from a trade workshop to an internationally active industrial company. Outstanding products for tool and mould construction and customer-oriented, fair service are the cornerstone for HASCO’s international success.

The German headquarter in Luedenscheid gets a new high-bay warehouse for storage and shipment of standard mold unit – highly precise steel plates mainly for use in injection moulding machines. Hörmann Logistik received the order for turnkey realization and implementation of the new high-bay warehouse including warehouse management and control system. Completion is planned for June 2012.

October 2011: Hörmann Logistik accepts major order from prime automotive supplier Rehau in Feuchtwangen

Counting on Hörmann Logistik’s vast experience in automotive industries Rehau as an international prime supplier awards a turnkey contract for a conveyor system for chaining of several plant areas plus 12-aisle high-bay warehouse including warehouse management software and HiLIS control sytem.

SOP is scheduled for early 2013.

September 2011: Operational readiness — Hightech logistics system at Li-Tec Battery GmbH in Kamenz

Hörmann Logistik’s start-up team announces operational readiness of the complex logistics system recently realized for Li-Tec Battery GmbH in Kamenz.

Particularly, we would like to thank the Li-Tec project team for the outstandingly constructive, open and pleasant cooperation.

The plant involves a logistics system, integrated in the production process of Lithium-ion cells, consisting of conveyors, warehouse system, robotics, cleaning processes, measuring, control system and IT. 
The Hörmann intra Logistics System Hi LIS manages and controls all material flow processes as well as transmissions to and withdrawals from connected external systems.

Each Li-ion cell leaving the factory is barcode  labelled. Robots with special grippers are gathering the supersensitive cells with kid gloves and lay them down in warehouse and transport trays. Before using the trays they are cleaned in a special cleaning plant followed by a special camera checkup for detection of dust particles. If necessary, the tray will repass the integrated hands-off cleaning process. The trays have a footprint of 1,140 x 630 mm.

Hi LIS stores all tray and cell data including positioning, direction and all technical data updating them throughout the entire production process. The trays forward the cells to a first hands-off warehouse for a predefined time of intermediate storage before forwarding them to the next production process step. Afterwards the cells are tray stored in a three-aisle tray warehouse. Further process steps will follow.

Both automatic storage areas have more than 33,250 tray storage positions available. For the purpose of protection against fire the warehouses are equipped with an inerting system. Due to production-relevant reasons the warehouses are equipped with a special heating system.

The project challenge to master consisted of sensitive battery cells on one hand and the number of different production process steps that required complex mechanical, control and IT interfaces to the different production  processes.

To achieve the ambitious aim to become Europe’s number one manufacturer of Li-ion batteries the joint venture of Daimler and Evonik, Li-Tec Battery, makes remarkable investments for expansion of the production site in Kamenz/Saxony. Against the background to equip the “Electro-Smart” with Li-ion cells from 2012 on, the production capacities are now increased to 3.000.000 battery units per year. 

At this stage Li-Tec is the only German manufacturer of Lithium-ion battery cells suitable for use in vehicles as the core of the electric power system.
September 2011: Satellite warehouse modernization at FRIPA Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG in Miltenberg

After completion of the High-Bay Warehouse 2 (HRL 2) in May 2011, Hörmann Logistik also completed the overall renovation of the High-Bay Warehouse 1 (HRL 1) in September 2011.

The 3-aisle satellite warehouse experienced a vital mechanical reconstruction. In addtion, the entire control system of storage and retrieval machines and conveyor system has been replaced by the control system of Hörmann Logistik. The same also applies to the warehouse management system which has been replaced by the Hi LIS warehouse management system.

Supplementation of conveyor elements allows realization of a conveyor bridge between Warehouse 1 and 2.
All these measures to boost efficiency of the existing Warehouse 1 allows bundling of both warehouses under the integrative Hörmann Logistik IT system.

All 7 S/R machines are now equipped with the Hi LIS_Eco Power Management system reducing their power consumption with intelligent energy compensation by up to 
25 %. Both warehouses operate in three shifts providing in total 28,000 pallet storage positions.

The warehouse system in headwords

Retrofit High-Bay Warehouse 1 (HLR 1): 

Aisles: 3
Rack feeders: 3
Storage system: channel warehouse with multi-deep storage (up to 7)
Storage positions: 6,500

New High-Bay Warehouse 2 (HRL 2):

Aisles: 4
Rack feeders: 4 two-mast S/R machines with special telescopic forks
Storage system: pallet storage in a depth of four, paired pallet transport on rack feeders
Storage/retrieval performance: 210/200 per hour
Storage positions: 21,500

August 2011: Successful validation of „Hi LIS“ – the Hörmann Logistik Warehouse Management System
For the first time, the Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics officially validated the Hörmann Logistik warehouse management system “Hi LIS 5.2.” and awarded it the highly thought after validation stamp.

The institute’s WMS database covers more than 3,000 individual aspects. Only warehouse management systems inspected and accepted by the institute’s experts have the chance of successful validation. For further informations about Hi LIS 5.2., please visit the institute’s website www.warehouse-logistics.comsummarizing the validation results of all participating vendors allowing simple and neutral selection of warehouse management systems.

Hi LIS is a warehouse management system for management and control of hands-off, semi-automatic or manual warehouse systems. 
Any functionality required for operation of warehouse systems from link-up to most different host systems via intake, warehouse management, consignment and dispatch up to a wide range of control features, material flow computer and visualization are part of Hi LIS and  well-tested in many projects. Customized requirements for management of hazardous materials, multi-client capability, power management, statistics and information tools are also part of many realized systems.

Hi LIS is designed for fully flexible parameterization or tailor-made adjustment to any customer’s operations. The operator interfaces allow quick and easy system handling. The certified SAP allows easy link-up to the customer's SAP.
September 2011: Congratulations – Hans Hörmann Receives the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany)

Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport, congratulates Hans Hörmann

Kirchseeon, September 201— Dipl.-Ing. Hans Hörmann, founder of the Hörmann Group, has received the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Cross of Meritfor his outstanding contributions to the German economyDuring a business meeting in Munich, Dr. Peter Ramsauerthe Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Developmentdid not miss the chance to personally congratulate Hans Hörmann on this honor and express his respect towards his life's work.
Hans Hörmann (*1928) was honoured by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany for his life’s work and his contribution to the German economy and labour market. After receiving his diploma from the Technical University Munich, Hans Hörmann began his professional career at Siemens and later on at the TÜV (German Technical Control Board); already by 1955, he founded his first engineering consulting office, offering services in the planning and construction of electrical systems. Through the last five decades, thanks to broad expert knowledge and wise, future-oriented management, Hans Hörmann has established a group of businesses, operating internationally, which specialize in the areas of industrial services and communications technology. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hörmann was one of the first West German entrepreneurs who made major investments in eastern Germany, thus contributing to the creation and preservation of jobs.
Today, the Hörmann Group consists of more than 20 subsidiaries located at over 60 locations, with approximately 4 600 employees, and an annual turnover of around  680 million.

 Hörmann, now Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Hörmann Groupstill provides valuable advice and support to the company with his many years of professional experience.
The Federal Cross of Merit (Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany) is the only Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany awarded to individuals for their outstanding achievements in the fields of politics, economy, culture, and intellectual or civil engagement.


August 2011: Successful modernization of automated tray warehouse operating at -40°C
The blood donation service of the Bavarian Red Cross in Wiesentheid operates an automatic cold store for blood bottles with a permanent storage temperature of -40°C.
The 2-aisle small parts storage system with 2 S/R machines was installed in hall 2 in 1995. The trays are stored and retrieved on a conveyor line with transfer cars and two vertical conveyors. 
Due to an inadequate availability of spare parts and after-sales services the customer commissioned Hörmann Logistik with the retrofit of the warehouse incl. updating of the plant control and warehouse management software.
All modernizations were realized in due time during ongoing operations and on weekends.

The updated system operates with the Hörmann Logistik warehouse management system “Hi LIS 5.2” communicating with the new S7 control units via Ethernet TCP/IP. Another new system component is the plant  visualization featuring real-time PC system status visualization.

In addition, Hörmann Logistik also increased the warehouse capacity providing now 8,342 storage positions with dimensions of 1,500 x 800 x 50 mm per unit.
June 2011: Hörmann Logistik realizes three high-bay warehouses for Russian paper factory
Outstanding paper industry references pioneered Hörmann Logistik’s first Russian project for realization of three different high-bay warehouses.

One warehouse stores paper rolls of up to 1,5 tons. The rolls are stored without pallets. The warehouse serves for intermediate storage between winder and cross cutter. AGVs deliver the rolls to the warehouse and, after retrieval, to the cross cutter.

The second warehouse stores palettized finished goods arriving from the cross cutter. The conveyor system supplies the three-aisle high-bay warehouse for double-deep storage.

Warehouse number three is a customized construction for multi-deep storage of colander racks.

Hörmann Logistik realizes the entire rack system, conveyor system, storage and retrieval machines, colander racks, control system and warehouse management system.
June 2011: Successful commissioning at Sempell AG in Korschenbroich
New production and dispatch warehouse for storage and commissioning of valve components.

Hörmann Logistik signed an exclusive contract with SEMPELL for the complete warehouse including rack system, storage and retrieval machines, conveyor system, control system and warehouse management system.

SOP in June 2011: After successfully passing all performance and availability tests, the system is handed over with an availability of 99.9 %.

The one-aisle high-bay warehouse is designed for the S/R machine shuttle vehicles directly approaching seven assembly stations at the front side.
One S/R machine with very small approach dimensions allows optimal headroom utilization.

Groundbreaking channel vehicle technology: The channel vehicle is battery-powered and radio-controlled to avoid failures in data and energy transmission. Charging upon return to the S/R machine guarantees permanent availability of the shuttle vehicle.

The Hörmann Logistik System Hi LIS manages and controls the warehouse via direct host communication. The two-mast S/R machine is equipped with the Hi LIS_ Eco-Power Management system reducing its power consumption with intelligent energy compensation by up to 25 %.
May 2011: SOP at FRIPA Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG in Miltenberg
FRIPA celebrates the official opening of the new high-bay warehouse for storage of tissue products at the site in Miltenberg.

This important investment allows FRIPA to reorganize all logistics processes for a remarkably improved and cost-effective output. The entire production can be stored on site until retrieval from the high-bay warehouse for shipment.

Hörmann Logistik’s general contracting scope includes rack steel constructions, bridge constructions, roof and wall cladding including lighting, rack sprinkling, conveyor system, overhead conveyor, control system, visualization and warehouse management system.

The new fully automatic 4-aisle high-bay warehouse is designed for quad-deep pallet storage of finished goods on Euro pallets. For highly efficient storage and retrieval the rack feeders (RGB) are equipped with special  telescopic forks for handling up to two pallets in parallel. Similar items are arranged in pairs directly at the pick path of the new high-bay warehouse which is conceyor connected in two conveyor levels. 

At the pre-zone of the second warehouse pallets are conveyed with a highly dynamic monorail conveyor.
The two-mast S/R machines are equipped with the Hi LIS_Eco-Power Management system reducing power consumption with intelligent energy compensation by up to 
25 %.

The storage system in headwords:

Rack feeders: 4 two-mast S/R machines with special telescopic forks
Storage system: quad-deep pallet storage
Storage/retrieval performance: 
210/200 per hour 
Storage positions: 21,500
April 2011: Great Success – Aging 1 ready for operation at Li-Tec Battery GmbH in Kamenz/Saxony
Delays caused by weather conditions could not prevent Hörmann Logistik from keeping the timeline for the Aging 1 SOP.

Both parties made an excellent job: Supported by the customer’s project team, the Hörmann crew responsible for the installation and commissioning realized the tight schedule within the deadline. Forthcoming back-to-back startup procedures make the next commissioning steps to follow in a timely manner.

In 2010 Hörmann Logistik was commissioned to extend the Kamenz plant producing Li-ion cells for automotive applications. The contract covered logistics, e.g. conveyor system, storage systems, robotics, control system and IT, plus heating system, inertization and tray cleaning including visual cleanliness check and voltage test.

Li-Tec's ambitious goal: To become Europe's number one in lithium-ion battery technology. To achieve this objective the joint venture of Daimler AG and Evonik Industries AG makes investments in the expansion of the Kamenz plant. The production capacity for battery cells will be raised to 3.000.000 units per year to equip the the „Smart Electric Drive” scheduled for 2012 with Li-ion cells. At this stage Li-Tec is the only German company producing lithium-ion battery cells as the core of electric cars.
February 2011: Storage and retrieval machines for the new FRIPA in Miltenberg

With a little delay caused by the strong winter Hörmann Logistik integrated four double-mast S/R machines at FRIPA in Miltenberg. The rack steel construction is completed, wall and roof cladding is prepared for the S/R machines to stand on dry ground. Four frame deep storage of pallets required double-mast S/R machines with telescopic forks.

Mechanical integration of conveyor system, monorail overhead conveyor and S/R machines to the greatest possible extent allows going full spead ahead for commissioning.

January 2011: Successful 2010
We would like to thank all our customers and our team for a really successful business year. 
After good business in 2008 and 2009, Hörmann Logistik was able to even outperform the forecast figures for 2010.

We realized major new commissions from FRIPA, Li-Tec, SEMPELL, RENK, Continental and the BRK for new construction and modernization projects for automated conveyor and warehouse systems in the production and distribution environment.

The FRIPA project is our first milestone project we realized for the tissue industry. Due to similar weight and loading characteristics our outstanding corrugated board references convinced FRIPA of our groundbreaking warehouse management system Hi LIS.

Last year’s second major project was the automatic conveyor system, warehouse and handling system for Li-Tec Battery being an integral part of the production process for cutting-edge high-performance lithium-ion batteries for automotive purposes.

The total order value in 2010 is roughly the same as in the previous year with an growth in sales of about 9 % compared to 2009 allowing us to start into the new year with a comfortable order backlog. We are really pleased about the realization of these challenging projects and are looking forward to interesting new projects to come.

We wish all our customers, business partners and employees a hale and hearty, prosperous and happy New Year.

October 2010: Successful commissioning of the new 3-aisle high-bay warehouse with special cardboard storage concept for Zerhusen Kartonagen
At the production site in Damme 260 employees working at nine production lines convert delivered formats into folding boxes, setup boxes, precut parts or multi-component packaging. The continuous extension of the production lines required the investment into a new storage concept for finished goods. Hörmann Logistik, the general contractor for this project, planned and realized the new automatic high-bay warehouse with integrated conveyor system.

Hörmann Logistik’s field-tested storage concept takes advantage of the specific characteristics of corrugated boards: low weight and high volume. The relatively low weight allows, depending on the size of the packing pieces, parallel transport of multiple load units during storage and retrieval. Large packing units with a size of up to 3,00 metres in length and 1,80 metres in width with up to three foot pallets will be stored and retrieved individually, mid-sized packing units are handled in pairs and small units will be handled in a threesome way.
With a length of 125 metres, a width of 30 metres and a height of 38 metres it is the highest fully-automatic warehouse in the Oldenburg Münsterland, with a capacity of 15,400 storage positions.
Successful turnkey according to schedule in October 2010.
October 2010: Kick-start of assembly of the new paper warehouse for FRIPA in Miltenberg
Four months after commissioning we start installing the four-aisle high-bay silo warehouse on the new base plate at FRIPA's facilities. The rack system has been designed for quad-deep pallet storage; S/R machines are equipped with special telescopic forks for transportation of up to 2 pallets at the same time; storage and retrieval of two equal pallets per driving cycle is possible.
The rack installation is the first step realized in the realm of the general contracting project. After completion of the high-bay warehouse, the next project step involves the modernization of the existing 3-aisle satellite warehouse, including mechanics, new control system and new warehouse management system.
September 2010: Plant expansion of Li-Tec Battery GmbH
The ambitious goal: Li-Tec aims to become Europe's number one in lithium-ion battery technology. Therefore, Li-Tec Battery, the joint venture of Evonik and Daimler, invests in the expansion of the production site in Kamenz/Saxony. From 2012 on, the production capacity will be 3.000.000 units per year in order to equip the new electric SMART model with Li-ion cells. At this stage Li-Tec is the only German manufacturer of automotive lithium-ion battery cells being the core of electric cars.
Li-Tec commissioned Hörmann Logistik with the supply of the entire production logistics system consisting of conveyors, warehouse, robotics, control system and IT.
Special robot grippers gently gather the differently sized and very sensitive cells for deposition at the storage and transport shelf. From this point, the cells will be forwarded to a first fully-automatic warehouse where they are stored temporarily until being forwarded to the next production process step. Subsequently the pre-fabricated cells will be temporarily stored in an three-aisle transport shelf with more production steps to follow. In a final step, the finished cells will be removed to transport containers for delivery to the customers. 
The complexity of this project is rooted in numerous different mechanical, control and IT interfaces involved in the different production process steps.
Completion of the plant is scheduled for May 2011.
September 2010: New high-bay warehouse for Continental AG in Timisoara/Romania
In 2000, Continental opened one of the latest state-of-the-art production plants for automobile tyres in Timisoara (Romania). 
Hörmann Logistik is commissioned with the design and realization of a fully automatic high-bay warehouse for temporary storage of rubber compound material. Compound material delivered from several production lines is conveyed to the warehouse where the mesh pallets can be stored and retrieved on three levels for subsequent treatment and special test processes. 
Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply includes rack system, rack feeders, conveyors and warehouse management system.
Commissioning is scheduled for July 2011.
August 2010: Modernization of the existing high-bay warehouse and new high-bay warehouse with 7 S/R machines for RENK AG in Augsburg
Currently RENK AG in Augsburg is operating a manual four-aisle high-bay warehouse for pallet storage. Right beside this pallet warehouse there is a second, two-aisle shelf racking system with manual rack feeders for storage and picking of small-volume items.
RENK commissions Hörmann Logistik to modernize and expand the existing logistics centre including the following project phases:

• replacement of existing S/R machines by four new S/R machines
• conversion of the two-aisle shelf rack into an automatic tray warehouse
• construction of a new, double-deep silo pallet aisle (overall height: 24 metres) with automatic rack feeder
• completely new pallet conveyor system including picking stations for connection to the high-bay warehouse
• completely new tray conveyor system including picking stations
• delivery of new warehouse lifts
• computerized warehouse management system

The scope of supply includes the complete control and warehouse management system. The project will be realized in several stages to ensure RENK’s permanent operability.
July 2010: New production warehouse for SEMPELL AG
With 130 years of experience, SEMPELL supplies power plants and chemical industries with control, safety and isolation valves. 
SEMPELL offers optimal solutions based on special safety requirements for high pressure, extreme temperatures and critical utilities.
Being part of TYCO International Ltd. since 1997, SEMPELL is part of the TYCO Flow Control division.
The SEMPELL AG commissioned Hörmann Logistig with a new high-bay warehouse for the Korschenbroich site. The high-bay warehouse will serve as a production warehouse for storage and picking of valve components as well as a dispatch warehouse. The warehouse is linked to 7 assembly stations with direct connection to the channel car of the S/R machine.
Pallets are stored and retrieved with continuous conveyors. The scope of supply includes the entire warehouse, including rack construction, S/R machines, conveyors, control system and the Hi LIS warehouse management system.
Completion is scheduled for March 2011.
May 2010: FRIPA Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG awards Hörmann Logistik as prime contractor for the realization of a new four-aisle high-bay warehouse and retrofit of the existing three-aisle satellite warehouse.

FRIPA Papierfabrik Albert Friedrich KG is one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality sanitary paper products. Due to the constant increase in sales, the warehouse capacities limits were reached and it was necessary to hire off-premises warehouses.

The strategic reorganization of the internal logistics envisions not only the retrofit of the existing satellite warehouse, but also the installation of a new four-aisle, fully-automatic high-bay warehouse for storage of  finished goods in a depth of up to 4. Noteworthy about this multi-deep storage system is transportation of up to 2 pallets simultaneously. Special telescopic forks at the S/R machines allow storage and retrieval  of 2 similarly dimensioned pallets in one go.

Luy und Partner GbR, consultants for logistics systems, Wiesbaden, were responsible for the planning of logistics and IT specifications.

Hörmann Logistik with its core competence in warehouse management software and control systems could convince both, the FRIPA project team and the Luy & Partner consultant team.

FRIPA’s high demands on a warehouse management system extending even into the production process posed a challenge for all warehouse management system suppliers. However, underlined by top references at Liebensteiner Kartonagen and Prowell, FRIPA’s intensive investigations nominated Hörmann Logistik’s “Hi LIS” as best-of-class. 
FRIPA gets a turn-key IT and control system for the entire plant.

Hörmann Logistik’s scope of supply includes:

  • installation of the new High-Bay 
    Warehouse 2 (HRL 2)
  • high-bay warehouse for pallet storage in a depth of up to 4
  • transparent wall and roof cladding
  • paired pallet transport on 
    S/R machines
  • bridge construction to High-Bay Warehouse 1 (HRL 1)
  • continuous conveyor
  • overhead conveyor
  • sprinkler system
  • retrofit for High-Bay Warehouse 1
  • mechanical modifications at existing 
    S/R machines and conveyors
  • new control system for S/R machines and conveyors
  • new warehouse management system
  • link-up to high-bay warehouse HRL 2 static and dynamic picking

Features of retrofitted high-bay warehouse  HRL 1:
number of aisles: 3
number of S/R-machines: 3
storage system: channel warehouse for multi-deep pallet storage 
number of storage positions: 6,500

Features of new high-bay warehouse HRL 2:
number of aisles: 4
number of S/R machines: 4
storage system: multi-deep pallet storage with telescopic forks, paired pallet transport on S/R-machines 
storage/retrieval performance: 210/200 per hour
number of storage positions: 21,500

SOP for the new high-bay warehouse HRL 2 is scheduled for March 2011. 
Retrofit of the existing warehouse HRL 1 will be made right after run-up of HRL 2.

February 2010: New MAHLE Austria 10-aisle high-bay warehouse with 38,000 palett storage positions goes live.

Hörmann Logistik successfully commissioned the new high-bay warehouse for MAHLE Filtersysteme Austria. The new warehouse for 38,000 pallets is a special design for the requirements of the automotive industry supplying and disposing the production of air filters, oil and fuel filters. The system allows conveying and storage of about 42 different carriers mainly without additional carrier pallets.

One of the most complex challenges was to turn a wide variety of order types into data records for smooth integration of the new warehouse management system Hi LIS into the customer’s SAP. The commissioning of the plant four weeks ahead of schedule was an extraordinary project success.

January 2010: Kick-start of the new Liebensteiner 5-aisle high-bay warehouse with 36,000 palett storage positions
The successful commissioning of the new 5-aisle high-bay warehouse at the Liebensteiner plant in Ploessberg was in early January 2010. The new warehouse, a special design for corrugated cardboards, allows storage and retrieval of small and large formats of up to 2,800 mm in length and up to 2,200 mm in width. This special Hörmann Logistik warehouse design allows fully flexible storage of different format sizes  with a storage and retrieval performance of up to 300 pallets per hour.