Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

2014 - Fuji Manufactoring Europe B.V., NL-Tilburg

Retrofit der Regalbediengeräte im Sheet Rack Warehouse

  • Modernisierung der Antriebe und der Sensorik an 2 Regalbediengeräten
  • Neulieferung der Schaltschränke
  • Austausch der S5-Steuerung gegen S7 und Neuerstellung des Steuerungsprogrammes
  • Anpassung der Schnittstelle zum Rechner
  • Besonderheit: Wegen der Lagerung von lichtempfindlichem Fotopapier mussten alle Arbeiten unter stark reduzierter Beleuchtung ausgeführt werden.

Fuchs Lubritech GmbH, Kaiserslautern

2009 - High-bay warehouse with fire and explosion protected area (Ex-zone), picking and production supply

  • 3-aisle, rack-supported high-bay warehouse

  • Dimensions: 78 x 22 x 25 m
    (L x W x H)

  • 10,000 pallet storage positions

  • Oxygen reduction and CO2 flooding system for fire prevention

  • Double-deep palett storage for different palett types (Euro, chemical, barrel pallets)

  • Customized S/R machines for fire and explosion protected (Ex-zone) area at the lowest rack level

  • Comprehensive conveyor system with goods-to-man picking spots and connection to production and shipping area


Hörmann intra Logistics System:



Borealis AG, A-Linz

2009 - High-bay warehouse in silo construction and channel system

High-bay warehouse designed for storing chemical raw materials such as plastic granular materials or powder by using one-way pallets


  • 1-aisle high-bay warehouse in silo construction

  • 1,540 pallet positions

  • Fire protection system with smoke suction and water cannon

  • Triple-deep pallet storage; pallet handling by wireless, battery-operated channel vehicle

  • Retrieval capacity of up to 50 pallets per hour

  • Pallet storage by using different types of pallets (Euro, chemical, barrel pallet); 
    max. pallet weight: 1,4 t

  • Special two-mast S/R machine


Hörmann intra Logistics System:



Wacker Chemie AG, Burghausen

2007 - Modernization and extension of existing logistics centre

  • Modernization of existing 8-aisle high-bay warehouse with 2 S/R machines and 2 aisle changing units

  • System upgrade from S5 to S7, integration into overall plant visualization system

  • Dimensions of the new warehouse: approx. 84 x 28 x 33 m (L x W x H)

  • Roof and wall cladding by means of inertization form part of the fire protection

  • Comprehensive pallet conveyor system for most different pallet types with direct connection to incoming goods, picking, dispatch and old high-bay warehouse

  • Goods-to-man picking with integrated bin lifters

  • Plant performance: up to 240 pallets per hour

Hörmann intra Logistics System:
Modules: PLC, VISU

SIKA Deutschland AG, Stuttgart

1997 - Logistics Centre Stuttgart


Modernization of high-bay warehouse and picking system

  • Mechanical modernization of S/R machines and conveyor systems

  • 80% performance improvement

  • SAP link-up

  • Re-organization during ongoing operations

  • Exchange of control and warehouse management system computer

  • Plant system simulation


Hörmann intra Logistics System:



Fuji Photo Film, NL-Tilburg

1997 - Barrel warehouse

Expansion of barrel warehouse, warehouse management and control of additional distribution spots.

Wacker-Chemie GmbH, Burghausen

1995 - Expansion of polymere production area

Planning and design of re-organisation of dispatch area and material flow optimization in production.

Fuji Photo Film, NL-Tilburg

1991 – High-bay warehouse

General contractor for design and supply of 2-aisle warehouse for aluminium coils (10 t) including automatic connection to production site.

Fuji Photo Film, NL-Tilburg

1990 – High-bay warehouse

General contractor for warehouse design and realization connected to AGV for printing plates on special pallets including mechanic engineering, control system and warehouse management.

Fuji Photo Film, NL-Tilburg

1990 - Automated handling machine

Design, development and supply of automated handling machine for heavy paper rolls (3 t).

Fuji Photo Film, NL-Tilburg

1990 - Roll warehouse integrated in production process

Warehouse management computer and control system for S/R machines and conveyors.

Mobil Oil B.V., NL

1989 – Bin conveyor system

Design, tender process and supply of conveyor system for mineral oil bins running through heater facilities; capacity: 15 bins per hour.

Fuji Photo Film, NL-Tilburg

1989 – Bin warehouse

Warehouse management computer and control  for S/R machine and conveyor system.

Fuji Photo Film, NL-Tilburg

1987 - High-bay warehouse

Software design and development and network connection/implementation for high-bay warehouse. Planning and supply of warehouse management computer with connection to production site.