Automatic Paper-Roll Warehouse

Hörmann Logistik specializes in the careful storage and handling of delicate paper and foil rolls. Our high-bay warehouse systems offer the highest level of flexibility for most different loading units and roll weights of up to 5 tons and even more, and of up to 40 meters in height. These storage systems allow fast access to any roll and handling with due care and caution to avoid damaging of the roll material.
Our special concepts for storage and handling of supersensitive paper rolls in different widths, diameters and weights include not only individual conveyor system solutions, fully automatic roll handling systems and customized S/R machines, but also groundbreaking solutions for automatic truck loading and transparent data flow.
Special Hi LIS_WMS features are monitoring the maximum total weight providing rolls for optimized utilization of the truck capacity. 
This storage technology is not only qualified for paper rolls, but also for coils, cable reels and other coiled goods. Hörmann Logistik realizes fully flexible high-bay warehouses for parallel storage of rolls and pallets in different sizes and weights.


Rack systems

  • rack-supported construction
  • Built-in rack construction
  • Single-position systems
  • Multi-position systems


Storage methods

  • Single-deep
  • Multi-deep


Storage device

  • Rolls with system pallet
  • Rolls without pallet


S/R machines

  • 2-mast construction
  • 4-mast construction
  • Telescopic forklifts
  • Channel vehicles



  • Electronic feedback control for drivers
  • Energy recovery
  • Intermediate circuits for immediate reuse of released energy
  • Laser/camera rack fine positioning
  • Teach-in rack fine positioning
  • Traffic adjusted acceleration values
  • Algorithmic track optimization



  • Roof and wall cladding
  • Smoke and heat ventilation discharge system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Oxyreduct systems
  • Fire protection doors
  • Locks
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning