AutoStore® - Groundbreaking warehouse solutions for consumables

Stacking of containers for consumables for optimized space utilization, dynamics, energy efficiency, expandability, rack steel construction and picking makes AutoStore stand out of the crowd.


Your advantages

  • optimal space utilization
  • highest dynamics and availability
  • plain and flexible integration 
    into existing building structures
  • modular structure
  • full scalability and adjustment of 
  • low consumption


HiLIS AS warehouse management system

The AutoStore control system executes the transport jobs 
for all robots automatically, but without knowing the content 
of the bins. The superordinate warehouse management system 
HiLIS AS is designed to close this gap:
Hörmann Logistik’s system is customized for AutoStore’s requirements 
and will be linked to the customer’s HOST systems. 
HiLIS AS provides all necessary storage and picking informations at the ports, visualizes all operator functions and allows for operator interventions.



The self-supporting aluminium structure is organized in 
rectangular fields. Each field offers space for several 
containers to be stacked on top of each other.



The containers, the so-called „bins“, are available in two 
different heights and allow for a maximum payload of 
35 kg per bin. Beside the standard bin an antistatic version 
is also available.



Wheel pairs arranged in X- and Y-direction allow movements 
in two directions to reach any position within the grid for 
collection, transportation and deposition of bins.


 Consignment modules

Consignment modules can be installed at any side of the AutoStore 
system for nonstop robot supply. The consignment output is 
between 180 and 500 positions per hour.