HiLIS Modular Intralogistics Software and Control

High Performance by
The Modular Intralogistics Software

HiLIS features customized processes from basic warehouse management to complex intralogistics control systems. 

Free parameterizing offers highest flexibility and adjustment to the customer’s individual business processes.

Redundant Cluster and RAID hardware configurations as well as Windows-based software solutions guarantee the highest level of system performance and data integrity. The HiLiS Hörmann intra Logistics System controls and optimizes operational processes in a warehouse.

The HiLiS Hörmann Intra Logistics System controls and optimizes all operating spheres online.

Flexible interfaces and intelligent strategies ensure highest transparency and plant availability.

The Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics certified the Hörmann Logistik Warehouse Management System HiLIS 6.1 with its highly sought-after validation stamp.